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5 Instagram Small Businesses for the Holiday Season

As we near the holiday season, everyone is trying to figure out what gifts to buy. This is a great time to support small businesses and get unique gifts that your loved ones will cherish. Shopping small allows you to get high-quality and custom gifts for everyone in your life. Here are a few of my favorite small businesses I’ve found on Instagram!

If you're looking for cute and custom jewelry, Hippie Sun Jewelry is the perfect place to shop. They have a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry that goes perfectly with a hippie vibe. Their metal jewelry can be stamped with your choice of zodiac signs, nature emblems, and various other symbols. When I bought from their Etsy shop, I got the Monstera leaf necklace and a set of mushroom earrings for my friend’s birthday. They absolutely adore the necklace and I wear it nearly every day. You can find them on Instagram at @hippiesunjewelry.

Wear Your Snack is one of the most creative and unique brands I’ve found. It’s never been easier to express your love for your favorite snacks. Wear Your Snacks makes beaded necklaces & bracelets, hats, and t-shirts that feature every snack you could think of. From trail mix, to tacos, to Kombucha, they really have it all. With all of their options, you really can find a unique and quirky gift for anyone. Their Instagram handle is @wearyoursnacks.

Another shop that specializes in fun and unique jewelry is Kikay. They

hand make earrings of every variety. The earrings are laser-cut acrylic, lightweight, and can come with traditional earring hooks or clip-on hardware. They have a set for everyone! Some of my favorite include Aroma Therapy, Twinkling Twilight, and Planet Baby. Kikay is a one-stop-shop for all your gifts this year. They are loved by many, so if you want to order from them. Do it now – they sell out fast! You can stay up to date on restocks and follow them on Instagram @shop.kikay.

If you’re looking for a more sentimental gift, check out Empyrean The Collective. They specialize in custom photo frames with adorable decorations. You can get a frame with a variety of embellishments and either your photo, a photo outline, or an illustration of your photo. They can even turn any photo into a Polaroid for the frame. It's the perfect gift for a best friend, parent, or partner. To check out what they have, find them on Instagram @empyreanthecollective.

For shirts with a unique design, check out Yat Cat Print Co. Their shirts are hand-pulled screen prints of original designs made in New Orleans. Their designs are super cute and include seasonal drops. The designs have a woodsy and relaxed vibe. Each shirt is 100% cotton, making it the perfect cozy gift for anyone. Yat Cat Print Co. Also makes stickers, towels, and scrunchies in addition to their shirts. To shop Yat Cat Print Co. Or stay up to date on their releases, follow them on Instagram @yatcatnola.

Written By: Megan Nassif

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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