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DIY Valentine’s Day Box

By Jocelyn Phillips

Do you have someone you would like to spoil this Valentine's Day? Do you want to make something personalized that only takes minutes? Well, this is the read for you! Let's start with the basics. For V-Day, you can always go right with chocolates, candies, framed pictures, or sweet letters. I am on a budget this year, so I will try to keep this present around thirty-forty dollars.

I will give my Valentine a V-Day decorated box for this Valentine's Day. You will need a good-sized cardboard box, cut-out hearts, and some colored construction paper. To begin, I am going to start cutting out the colored construction paper to fit the inside of the lid of the Box. After this, I will then glue it on. After securing the paper, I will take a red marker and write Happy Valentine's Day on the colored construction paper.

For what you put inside your Box is totally up to you! Try personalizing it to who you are giving it. For example, I put candy, chocolates, and V-day decorated underwear in my Box. After arranging the items in the Box, I put red colored tissue paper around it. Finally, I threw cut-out hearts on top of the tissue paper. Now you have your easy personalized V-Day Box!

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