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Halloween Weekend

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

It's finally Halloweekend, and everyone's favorite college activity is dressing up and going out! But this isn't a one-night event, these costumes come with weeks of planning to have the perfect Instagram picture. We wanted the perfect looks, and we think we nailed them. So,let's go through the planning that went into this fun weekend.

First, we did some internet digging to get some inspiration and decided on what looks we wanted to do. We had 2 duo costumes and 1 individual. We planned to have our best costume on the Saturday before Halloween. On Thursday night we did Fire and Ice. Friday was our separate costumes, Brooke did Curious George with her boyfriend and Jadyn did a Space Cowgirl. Saturday night was the showstopper event where we went as Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s MET gala look from 2019.

After we found the costumes,we wanted to do, we searched for the perfect outfits on Shein, Spirit Halloween, Amazon, and what we already had in our closets.

Fire and Ice –For this costume, I (Jadyn) was ice. I wore a long-sleeved, royal blue crop top with an “ice” t-shirt over top. I got this t-shirt, along with the sequence skirt, on Amazon. I cut the t-shirt so that the royal blue shirt showed through underneath. I also paired the outfit with my white high-top Converse. For make-up, I did a very blown out, light blue eyeshadow, with a mix of blue and silver glitter on top. Finally, I tied my hair in two little ponytails on top and tied blue hair tinsel from Amazon around them.

(Brooke) For my costume, I was Fire. I found flame fishnets at Spirit Halloween and decided to cut them to make a shirt. I paired it with a black corset from Target, black ripped jeans from Hollister, and red Converse.

Space Cowgirl (Jadyn) –For my space cowgirl costume, I purchased a cow print shirt and a hot pink skirt, both from Shein. I paired this look with my glitter belt from Forever 21 and black booties from Versona. I did a hot pink eyeshadow look, with black liner, and cosmetic gems under the winged liner. For hair, I did two low pigtails to add into the cowboy vibe. For jewelry, I wore my star earrings and star choker, both from Altr’d State.

Curious George (Brooke)-This costume was super easy for me. All I did was wear a monkey onesie I found on Amazon. My boyfriend was The Man in the Yellow Hat, he wore all yellow and bought a yellow hat at Walmart! It was a hit!

Kendall & Kylie: (Jadyn) My final, and favorite, costume was Kendall Jenner’s 2019 Met Gala look. I purchased a bright orange top and bright orange pants from Shein. I, again, wore my Versona black booties. For the iconic feather look, I purchased a pair of angel wings and covered them in orange boas. I wore chunky gold jewelry from Francesca’s. I did simple make-up, just recreating Kendall’s glowy skin and neutral glam. Finally, for hair, I did a sleek low ponytail to further recreate Kendall’s look.

(Brooke) For Kylie's feathery purple look, I purchased everything on Amazon. I ordered a XL purple sweatshirt to wear as a dress. I glued feathers on the sleeves and attached them to my Doc Martens. Then I paired it with a purple wig and bedazzled see through pants!

As you can tell, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because you are allowed to be as extra as you want!! We hope you had a fun and safe Halloween, and we can't wait for next year!

Written By: Brooke Clougherty and Jadyn Furge

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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