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Healthy Laundry Choices

My Preferred Skin and Environment Friendly Products

By: Alaina Titchen

In my opinion, the significance of selecting the right laundry products cannot be overstated. After all, our daily wear, bedding, and fabrics come into direct contact with our skin. This makes it imperative to choose products that not only cleanse effectively but also don’t leave the skin irritated. I take it upon myself to be discerning in this regard, choosing solutions that align with both safety and environmental responsibility. I'd like to introduce you to my current roster of preferred laundry essentials.

First in line is the Smart Sheep Top Secret Stain Stick. This stain remover has won my heart for a multitude of reasons. Presented in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, it exhibits a compact design that is both easy on the earth and gentle on the skin. Its stain-fighting power is exceptional, having successfully vanquished various adversaries including dirt, Kool-Aid, blood, and oil from a range of fabrics. The application is straightforward: moisten the stained area, rub the stain stick over it to create a lather, and then rinse or throw in a standard laundry cycle.

Next is the EasyDose Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent - Free & Clear. This laundry detergent is a commendable example of a product that effectively balances ecological responsibility with performance and skin care. The detergent's hypoallergenic nature ensures it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. It comes in a 24 oz bottle and contains an impressive 66 loads. This accumulates to 50% less water and 60% less plastic than the other brands. To use, you simply flip the bottle over your load in the wash, squeeze, and then you’re done. Its cap is designed to measure out one load, so it’ll stop you from squeezing out too much. Furthermore, it boasts a refreshing natural fragrance without relying on synthetic chemicals, and its concentrated formula means a longer-lasting, efficient solution.

Finally, we have the Levibasic 100% New Zealand Wool Natural Fabric Softener. These woolen spheres, roughly the size of softballs, provide a sustainable alternative to conventional dryer sheets. When placed with your damp laundry in the dryer, they excel at banishing static cling while imparting a gentle softness to your garments. Notably, they do so without invoking skin irritation or introducing overpowering fragrances into the equation.

In summary, these clean laundry essentials encapsulate a commitment to sustainability, efficacy, and skin well-being. Selecting conscientious options for our laundry not only benefits our clothing but also contributes to a holistic, eco-conscious lifestyle. These products are a perfect starting point for your clean laundry journey but also can be better substituted for other laundry products you already use.

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