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Last Minute Halloween Costume Tips, Tricks & How-Tos!

By Kayla Martz

We’ve all been there…October 31st rolls around, and there is no costume inspiration to be found, let alone time to purchase a costume! So here are some helpful tips for creating a cute and original Halloween outfit with last-minute fashion items in your closet!

Idea #1 - “Bahama Mama

Style your hair in sea-salty beach waves paired with a sunhat and sunglasses. Next, put extra blush on your face to achieve that sun-kissed look. Next, wear a swimsuit with a cover-up and a pair of sandals. Finally, wear a nude-color long sleeve with a swimsuit over the shirt if it is cold outside. To keep your legs warm, make sure to add pantyhose! A cute addition would be to wear a colorful Hawaiian flower lai!

Idea #2 - “Howdy Cowgirl!

Style your hair in two braids paired with a western straw hat. Wear jeans, a flannel, a thick belt, and boots. Any other articles of clothing with a cow print on them would also work nicely. Be sure to speak with a western accent and bring along some rope as an accessory to lasso up all the candy!

Idea #3 - “Gym Rat

Wear your favorite exercise outfit. First, add rat whiskers and a nose with an eyeliner pencil as part of your makeup. Next, glue gray ears to a headband and attach a piece of gray ribbon to the back of your pants for the tail!

Idea #4 - “Pretty Princess

Wear your favorite party dress! Purchase a toy princess crown from the nearest dollar store and style your hair in a princess bun or loose curls. Wear fake eyelashes, glitter eyeshadow, and extra lipstick to complete the look!

Idea #5 - “Gold Medalist Athlete

Dress up in an old athletic uniform from a sport you’ve played in the past. This works for dance recital costumes or gymnastics warm-ups too! Purchase toy golden metal necklaces from the nearest dollar store, and be sure everyone at the party knows you are #1!

Idea #6 - “Ski You Later!

Borrow a friend’s ski goggles or wear your own and go as a skier! Add extra blush on your face to give the freezing wind-burned effect. Dress in a sweater or turtleneck with warm pants and winter boots. Add earmuffs, gloves, and a scarf to complete the look!

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