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NYC Alumni Dinner

Last month I was given the privilege of going to New York City with three other girls to represent College Dress Relief as we toured different schools and companies. The three-day trip was full of information and gave me insight into different things I could do after I finish my degree at Slippery Rock. I learned so much during the trip, but one of my favorite parts was meeting with SRU Alumni.

We met four alumni that were working and living in New York City and heard about their experience and they gave us advice. What was super cool about the dinner is that we met four women who were in various stages of their career - from intern to higher up - who were considering moving for a change. They fed us advice on internships, where to look and when, what we should do now to prepare for later (SAVE MONEY), and advice for NYC living.

I think one of my favorite moments from the dinner had to be when the alumni talked about their life at SRU. It just made it seem real to me because up until that point, they could have been anyone, they could have been paid actors. But when they talked about their time here, it felt so comforting, knowing how greatly I could succeed. Hearing them talk about Journalistic Writing, Campus Edge, Boozel, and parking on campus just made my night. These people were walking the same sidewalks I’m walking now, and they were thriving. So why couldn’t I?

It was so cool to be able to talk to people from Slippery Rock - it really helped the realness of college set it. Not only the realness, but the idea that I have ginormous potential with my degree and can travel the country, maybe even the world, with it really excites me. And if I learned anything from the alumni, it’s to be proud of where you’ve come from, and I can safely say that I am.

By Drew Confer

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