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For the longest time, I have been afraid to fully express myself, but recently I have taken a huge step in my life. I joined the College Dress Relief club to finally be around a group of people that have such an interest in clothing, as much as I do. I could not have been more satisfied with the effects of my initial decision to join the club. I have now quit my job because of the amount of stress it was causing me and have applied for a new job at Community Aid, which if you don’t know, is a Walmart-sized thrift store. Clothing has always been a big interest for me, and now instead of wanting to be a part of a group that has a common interest, I have joined one and took steps in becoming the person that I want to be. Also, I have switched my major to journalism with a minor in art, from mathematics. I wanted to become a math teacher because math was always so easy for me, but I never had a good teacher, so I wanted to become the one good teacher for future students. I have calculus four times a week, and I have not thought once, “How am I going to be able to teach this topic if I become a teacher?”. This made me realize that maybe teaching isn’t for me and I started opening up my options.

In one meeting for College Dress Relief, I came up with five ideas that I was informed were pretty solid and have chosen to do something completely different from my original path. I’ve been told that my style sense is different than the norm, and that I am a decent photographer. These comments reaffirmed my interest in both fields and moved me forward as a person. I’ve been too insecure to fully show that I love these two fields, but why should I be scared to pursue something that I love to do? Consequently, I finally came to the conclusion that I need to make a change, and even though it’s a drastic one, it is putting me on the right path . Now, I am excited to start writing about the things that I love, and start progressing in the art form that I know I have a lot of potential in.

My most recent fully thrifted fit.

Please refer to this post in the future, just as a reminder that whatever you choose to do with your life is your decision. We’ve all heard from someone in our lifetime, “Make sure you end up doing something that you love”. For the longest time, I let the statement go right over my head, but now I understand that doing something you love is way more important than having a safe job. Do what you want to do. Do not be afraid to express yourself and make big decisions in life, because you will make many. Let the next decision you make be the first big one for the next part of your life.

This is a long exposure picture that I took of my friend when we did a photoshoot at a waterfall in Vermont last summer.
A long exposure picture of my friend.

Written By: Owen Myers

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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