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The Perfect Gym Legging

Halloween is over so it’s basically Christmas, right? Which means we need to go to the gym now before we become a “January 1st, new year resolution gym goer”. But first we need to find the best “squat-able” and fashionable outfit because you always want to look the best for that gym crush. Finding leggings fashionable and comfortable enough can be a harder task then we think, because we all know that time when you went to the gym and had to hold up your pants while you ran on the treadmill. So lucky for you, I tested 4 affordable, trendy and “gym friendly” leggings so you don’t have to.  First, the holy grail, Lululemon. I picked up a pair of Fast and Free Tight 28’’ leggings perfect for running and high intensity workouts. These pants are light, and the quick drying material is perfect for sweat marks, and of course, thick enough for squats! Although the price is hard to get passed, you could have these leggings for years! Next was Fabletics. I grabbed the Trinity High- Waisted Utility Leggings. The thing I love about this brand is the high compression in all their leggings. You feel completely secure and tight, while also being able to breathe and move all through the workout. I would compare these leggings to the Lululemon pair but being only half the price! I also tried the Aerie Offline Warmup High Waisted leggings. I do have to say Aerie is my favorite style of leggings for the price, but for working out they aren’t my top pick. The thin material makes them hard to stay up while running.  Finally, I tried Gymshark! Gymshark is known for the gym, and the great “squat proof style” of pants. I got the Adapt Marl Seamless leggings; the thick and tight material is the best for running and weightlifting. I hope this blog helps you grab your gym crushes attention, while perfecting your gym style and not having to worry if your underwear is showing or needing to hold up your pants while running!!

Written By: Brooke Clougherty

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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