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Things to Do on Valentine's Day: Dating or Solo

By Meaghan Frank

It’s Valentine’s Day season everyone! Whether you’re in a relationship or slaying solo, remember to appreciate and love yourself this time of year. Below are some small yet enjoyable things to do with friends, your significant other, or by yourself.

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For starters, self-care is something you can do to help boost your self-esteem and feel good from the inside out. Some things you can do are face masks, a bubble bath, paint your nails, do your hair, meditate, journal, and so much more. Whatever gives you confidence and peace is what’s most important.

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Another idea for groups or individually is to make a snack board. Charcuterie boards, especially right now, are super popular for parties. The ultimate goal is to put all your favorite snacks on a big tray and display it as if it’s art. You can’t go wrong with artisan cheese and crackers, but what makes it so fun is how there's no limitations for what you can create. Grab some sparkling soda, your favorite cheese, and enjoy.

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Lastly, here are some easy things that will improve your well-being overall, even after love season. Catching up on sleep will benefit you in the long run, staying off your phone and doing puzzles or crafts with friends, watching funny movies or rom-coms, baking or cooking, and working out are all things you can do that make you feel happy and productive. Remember to love yourself this Valentine’s Day season and maybe try something new you’ve never tried!

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