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Three Things to Make Your Fall Cozy in College

By Hayley Meerdo

As we are all likely spending most of our time away from home during college, we are learning to grasp new environments, especially the Slippery Rock environment. It can be hard to settle some nights, just feeling homesick as the seasons change. Whether you are new to college or have been here for a few years, a comforting fall can help us all transition throughout this semester. Here are three tips for having a cozy fall on and off campus.

As the weather gets colder and the leaves fall, it can be easy to throw on leggings and a sweatshirt for the day. Lazy clothing makes it easier to fall into a lazy mindset. Look good, feel good. Here’s some inspo for my favorite cozy and trendy fall fits that will keep you looking productive and feel cute on campus!

Pinterest, 2023

Fall brings in so many smells and scents throughout the season that we love. If you haven’t already indulged in any of these, here are some sustainable brands that are essential to help your cozy fall semester smell even better!

Lastly, fall in college cannot be cozy without yummy-tasting food! Here are a couple of classic recipes that are warm, satisfying, and can get anyone through the season, especially college students. Recipe links are attached to try on your own!

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