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Thrifting Basics

By Meaghan Frank

The concept of “thrifting” has been around for decades. Thrifting is basically the idea of shopping second-hand at your local thrift stores where everything is too cheap to believe. It can be difficult for beginners, depending on where to start in the numerous isles of scattered clothing, but there are tips and tricks to make it easy and fun. In a world where styles and trends constantly change, thrifting can help you maintain a budget-friendly lifestyle and add more personality to your wear. It’s sustainable, very affordable, and exciting! Read my tips below to discover how to become a thrift genius.

#1: Don't be afraid to look EVERYWHERE. You may be wondering, “where do I look first” at the start? In my opinion, look in places you might not think to look in initially. For example, I look in the men's and kids' sections. Why? Baby tees and oversized graphic tees live there! I have found some of my favorite unique tops in these sections that run cheaper than most retail. It doesn't hurt to spend a few minutes browsing in the racks of clothes because restricting yourself to one section can make it challenging to shop. Go out of your comfort zone a little! Here are some pictures for reference of some of my finds: ↓

  1. Men’s “real camo” oversized shirt - $3

  2. Vintage USPS dove stamp shirt - $10

  3. Men's “Pittsburgh Penguins” graphic shirt -$5

  4. Vintage Harley Davidsons Kids “baby” shirt - $2

#2: Keep an eye out for popular brands, vintage could be hiding! When you find a retro Nike hoodie from the ’90s, it's like gold. Popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Starter, and Reebok can be very rare. And buying items at thrift stores that are these brands, such as t-shirts and hoodies, will make you stand out. Because, hey, they could be vintage! Don’t put it back because it looks old. Wear it with pride! The older the tags look, the more valuable it is because there's a slim chance you’ll see someone else rocking it. Some vintage branded things I’ve thrifted are pictured below:

  1. Vintage Nike Slippery Rock T-shirt

  2. Vintage Adidas Tshirt

  3. Vintage Starter Pitt Crew

#3: Be open-minded and have fun! When you're thrifting, it's best to go in with no expectations. Try not to focus on finding one piece because you may miss some gems! Go into it with ideas of creating a new style for yourself with no boundaries, being unique, and believing in the thrift lords. There are incredible pieces out there for everyone, and thrifting is the most sustainable and fun way to find them. Good luck and happy thrifting! I don’t gatekeep, so a close location you can try not too far from the Slippery Rock Campus is down below :).

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, Grove City, PA 16127

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