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Top Ten Halloween Nail Trends 2022

It’s officially halloweekend! Excitement is in the air, and everyone’s excited about weekend activities. Planning costumes with other people, where they’re going, and more, a lot goes into this spooky season. However, with all this planning, the topic of nails sometimes will get overlooked or thrown together. So, if you’re looking for some last-minute nail ideas to put your look over the top, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top ten nails of the 2022 Halloween season!!

1. Ghost Nails

This spooky look is perfect for any look you’re going for. The white tips never go out of style, and then ghosts will make your nails look classy and cute! This is one of the most popular Halloween nail looks of 2022 and will never go out of style.

2. Black Tips with Cobwebs

Keeping it on the spooky side, up next are must-haves for this season. The colored tip trend has been a trend for a long time, but a little nail art like this makes these nails look even better! The black tips are on trend, and the webs make these nails look spooky.

3. Halloween Patterns and Colors

Now, this look SCREAMS Halloween. They combine all forms of scary and stunning into one eye; we’re obsessed! These nails might look a little complicated, but all you need is orange, black, and white nail polish and a nail art brush, and you’re good to go!

4. Purple Sparkle and Black Nails

Halloween is all about orange, white, and black colors, but we don’t forget about purple! The Black and purple color combo has been around forever but never goes out of style. These simple nails with a dash of sparkle have the whole package you’ve been looking for!

5. Midnight Nails

We LOVE these nails! The black and the orange are always so cute, but adding the sparkles and moons makes this look creepy. It gives us the Halloween and midnight vibes all in one!

6. Bloody Red

These nails are a brand-new trend; we’re all here for it! It only takes some dark red polish and a nail art brush to achieve the creepiest nails for the spooky season! The blood dripping and classic color make this look essential!

7. More Ghosts

We can’t get over the ghost looks this year! These combine black and white with just a touch of two spirits to make your nails look clean and certainly will turn heads. So get ready to show these off with any costume you can think of!

8. Classy in Orange

We know some people aren’t into all the crazy patterns and need a quick, easy option, so we’ve covered it! The solid nail with a few tips makes this one perfect for any occasion, and picking a bright orange color like this, makes any nails stand out from the crowd!

9. Pink Stitch Nails

Switching it up for all you pink lovers out there, we’ve got just the look for you! We love scarecrow-like stitch nails, but pairing it with a different color, like pink, makes this a look that no one will have. I guess pink can go with even the spookiest of holidays!

10. Pumpkin Nails

Last but certainly not least, we have pumpkin nails. We’re all about the details, and this look has just that with the perfect black lines to carve out that fun pumpkin shape. They’re perfect for Halloween and the fall season and are so unique!


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