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Trendy Tattoo Ideas

By Tori Knepshield

Getting a new tattoo is a great way to add excitement to the busyness and stress of the semester. There are endless options for a new tattoo idea- from small, simple ones to big, bold ones. It can be difficult to choose something you want on your body forever, but you get to choose exactly what you want, how big you want it, and where you want it! Here are a few popular ideas for your next tattoo!

1. Meaningful Objects: This could be absolutely anything! From a butterfly to your birth flower, object tattoos are always a good choice!

2. Significant Quotes: From your favorite verse to your favorite movie quote, tattoos of words are trendy!

3. Sentimental Songs: This could include your favorite album name, artist, lyric, or song title!

4. Matching Tattoos: Matching tattoos are so fun! You could get an identical tattoo with your friend or partner or get things that go together like a sun and moon!

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