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Valentine’s Day Fits for Every Occasion

By Ashley Schroer

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (mainly because it’s an excuse to wear an almost excessive amount of pink) but this year, it’s on a Wednesday. As a dance major, it’s basically impossible for me to recreate the festive and feminine Valentine’s Day looks from Pinterest that I love, when the holiday falls in the middle of the week. With the semester officially being in full swing now, I know a lot of college students don’t want to put the effort into a Pinterest-worthy look in the middle of the week. So, here are some outfit ideas that you could wear to class, the gym, or a date that can help you get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.



Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy. Pink or red hoodies, crewnecks, or sweatpants are super easy ways to be festive while staying comfortable. I love my hoodie from the 2022 Taylor Swift Valentine’s Day merch drop, and the glitter rose on the back is subtly Valentine’s Day-related, so I get to wear it all year.


If you want to dress up a little bit more for Valentine’s Day, pink sweaters with jeans are a cute and easy way to put an outfit together. Another fun, casual look I found in my closet was a burgundy t-shirt and a white sweater. The little pop of color from under the sweater was super fun and cozy, and the t-shirt with jeans is also a great option if you don’t like wearing sweaters.


If you have a Valentine this year, have fun Galentine’s Day plans, or just want to dress up for fun, pink or red tops or bottoms paired with something more neutral are super cute. Patterned skirts with a solid color top are also one of my favorite ways to dress up. Frilly dresses are perfect for Valentine’s Day as well, and they can be dressed down a little bit by layering a t-shirt underneath!

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