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Washing Your White Shoes

If you’re anything like me, staining your new white shoes may very well ruin your entire day.

I have countless pair of white shoes, whether they be Nike sneakers, Keds, or Converse. They are just a staple in any good wardrobe! But after wearing them so often, your white shoes are bound to get a little beaten up. And instead of just going out and buying a new pair, which is both expensive and environmentally unsustainable, you should just clean them!

After a little trial and error in my own experience of trying to clean white shoes, I think I have come up with a pretty simple, yet effective way to get rid of stains.

What you will need:

· And old toothbrush (or a small scrub brush)

· An Oxi-Clean Gel Stick (or any other brand of tough stain remover product)

· 2-3 old towels

· A washing machine


· Old newspaper or scrap paper.


1. First, take the soles out of your shoes and remove the laces (if applicable).

2. Next, take your toothbrush or scrub brush and wipe off any loose dirt sitting on top of the shoes.

3. Take the gel stick and swipe generously over any large stains on your shoes.

4. Wait about 10-30 minutes (depending on how large and deep-set the stains are) for the gel stick to lift the stains.

5. Put one pair of shoes into your washing machine and place a towel over top of the shoes.

6. If you would like to wash more than one pair, put the shoes inside the washing machine on top of the first towel.

7. Layer one more towel on top of the second pair of shoes.

8. Use a quarter cup of your laundry detergent of choice.

9. Wash the shoes on a delicate setting with warm water.

10. After the cycle ends, take the shoes and towels out of the washing machine.

11. Optional: Crumble up newspaper and lay inside your white shoes to quickly soak up water.

12. Lay your white shoes out to dry for about 48 hours.

13. Repeat process if stains are still visible.

I have used this process countless times, and it never disappoints!

Written By: Meghan Rosendale

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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