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Yung Gravy’s Best Outfits

By Gillian Berloffe

Like most students at Slippery Rock, I am very excited to see Yung Gravy perform at the ARC this Sunday, March 26. Not only does he make catchy music, but he also has a fantastic sense of style. So, in no particular order, here are Yung Gravy's best outfits.

Keeping things classy, this denim suit looks excellent on Gravy— especially with that standout white belt.

Instagram @yunggravy, 2021

Paired with jeans and a light pink belt, this magenta silk shirt is a staple for Yung Gravy.

Facebook @Yung Gravy, 2022

I'm obsessed with this colorful button-down and the green-tinted shades that go with it.

Instagram @yunggravy, 2020

One of my favorite pieces Yung Gravy has ever worn was this white fur coat from the "Betty (Get Money)" music video. And the chicken is the perfect accessory.

YouTube @Yung Gravy, 2022

This "Gravy" tracksuit is a shameless self-promo, and I am here for it.

Facebook @Yung Gravy, 2021

Gravy looks terrific in this brown suit, but the sunglasses and light blue shirt pull the whole look together.

Instagram @yunggravy, 2021

When I saw Yung Gravy's performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! during September of last year, I couldn't stop thinking about how good he looked on stage. The suit was simple yet sophisticated, and the pop of color in his shirt and shoes brought the whole outfit to life.

YouTube @Yung Gravy, 2022

Last but certainly not least, I love how this blue puffer jacket matches Gravy's shades. I seriously cannot get over how well the color contrasts the black sweater and pants. And the gold chain adds just enough without taking away from the rest of the look.

Tickets to see Yung Gravy's performance are still available at for students and the general public.

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