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The Art of Magazine Collecting

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ryan Shimko

Fashion magazines are an experience - being able to open up a publication and realize the potential and the execution of editorials.

The beginning of my love for fashion magazines happened on my recent spring break trip to London. I visited a vintage bookstore and the first section I came across were shelves of hundreds of publications. I managed to buy three thick 100 page books, and carrying that on a flight was the biggest hassle, but it was worth it!

I found that in the US, some thrift stores may offer a cover or two, but imagine finding a 125th collectors edition Vogue for the high price of 50 CENTS. That's 250 pages of nothing but happiness for me!

The search has been a process, but experiencing the picture editorials is incredible for me. I love looking at the styling and the conceptual design of some of the best editorials I came across, hoping one day my photos will make it to these places, as an archive of my work. One can only wish that their photo could grace the September issue of Vogue magazine.

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