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5 Days of Pink

Has anyone else been feeling like they need to celebrate every little holiday or just the little things in life since quarantine started? For me celebrating the little things has given me something to look forward to while everything was shut down and helped me cope with how drastically life as we knew it changed. Usually I hate the color pink, but this February I’m going to switch it up and do a countdown to Valentine's Day by including something pink into my everyday life. I’m going to start February 10th and if you’d like to try it too here are some ideas.

1. Any pink drink from Starbucks or Dunkin’ will work. Personally, I get a blended strawberry lemonade. There are other options from Starbucks like the Pink Drink and Very Berry Hibiscus. At Dunkin’ you could get their new Pink Velvet Iced Macchiato or a Strawberry Coolatta.

2. Food is also a super easy way to include something pink into you day. Going off Starbucks and Dunkin’ again you could get a pink cake pop or a pink donut. If you're in Slippery Rock try some pink froyo and add lots of pink toppings from Yumberries.

3. Another easy option is pink or Valentine's Day themed nails. I've been seeing so many cute designs on Instagram and Tik Tok. I do my own nails and didn't have time to do any designs, but this is how my pink nails turned out.

4. My next idea is pink eyeshadow. This might seem like it’s a bit out there, but I actually love wearing pink eyeshadow. If you’re not into wearing bright eyeshadow you could try a pink blush and a pink lip. My favorite blush at the moment is from Rare Beauty.

5. Starbucks has really cute Valentine’s Day cups that would also make incorporating pink into your day super easy. There's also a bunch of Etsy shops that make custom Starbucks cups like this girl I follow on Tik Tok.

If you would like to join CDR in our countdown to Valentine's Day tag us on your Insta Stories and show us how you're using pink everyday and get the chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Written and Edited By: Crystal Lord

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