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5 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

By Katie Sanner

A common misconception in the tattoo community is that all your tattoos must have meaning. While this can be true for some people, others simply enjoy the art behind the tattoos they get on their bodies. In this blog, I will be giving you 5 ideas for your next meaningful tattoo.

1) Family Birth Flowers

Pinterest, 2023

Family birth flowers are a great first tattoo that contains meaning. You can combine your family’s birth flowers into a bouquet or get individual large floral pieces for each flower!

2) Zodiac Sign

Etsy, 2023

Everyone is assigned a zodiac sign at birth. Some people opt for the star constellation of their zodiac sign, others stick with the basic sign of their zodiac, and some even get the animal or symbol their zodiac represents. Your zodiac sign will never change, which is why this is a good option for people who are worried they will regret their tattoos in the future.

3) Sibling Tattoos

Coordinating sibling tattoos is always a meaningful option to get as a tattoo. The possibilities are endless with this one.

4) Quotes/Script


Inku Paw, 2023


Any sort of quote or script with meaning is a great idea for a meaningful tattoo. Whether it is song lyrics that mean a lot to you, a quote you live by, or the writing of a loved one, script tattoos are forever meaningful.

5) Pet Memorials

Pinterest, 2023, Reddit, 2023, USUrns Online, 2023 & YouTube, 2021

Pets are family. Whether you want to remember the memory of a pet that has passed or you want to always have your fur child with you, these tattoos will always remind you of your furry friend.

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