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8 Cute Halloween Decorations for College Students From Dollar Tree

By Katie Gibson

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is searching for cute and affordable Halloween decor. As a broke college student, I need the decorations to be as cheap as possible, while also making my dorm look perfect for spooky season. Dollar Tree blew me away with the amount of high-quality Halloween decorations. They had everything from string lights to wall decor and glasses. Here is my list of 8 Halloween decorations for less than $5.

1. Window Cling Decorations

These Halloween-themed window clings are perfect for adding a little decoration to your windows. For $1.25, this set includes a bat, lollipop, moon, ghost, candy corn, leaf, “boo” and a black cat peaking over a pumpkin. These will keep you and your neighbors in the spirit of Halloween.

2. Hanging Ghost

I found a ghost with a green bow and socks that are perfect to hang on a door. My roommate picked this one up and we hung it from our pantry door to make our kitchen feel festive. $1.25 is a steal!

3. Skeleton Wineglass

This is the perfect glass for hosting a Halloween party! You could easily grab a few of these for your besties to make the perfect spooky cocktail.

4. Inflatable Ghost

As part of the Dollar Tree PLUS section, I found this 4-foot-tall inflatable ghost for only $5. This may not be the best decoration for a small dorm room but would be perfect for outside of a townhouse.

5. Spider Web Lights

The web spider lights are a perfect wall decoration to brighten up the room. For only $5, these are a must-have for hosting a Halloween party.

6. 3-Tier Pumpkin Centerpiece

This three-tier centerpiece is perfect for keeping the aesthetics of your room while incorporating Halloween decorations. It’s simple and stylish and could be used as a centerpiece or decoration on an end table. This was also part of the Dollar Tree PLUS section for only $3.

7. LED Crystal Ball

If you’re looking for another party decoration, this one is for you. This LED crystal ball will light up your party and make your guests want to dance all night long. You will not find any LED lights cheaper than $5.

8. Skull String Lights

Finally, I found these gold skull string lights in the Dollar Tree PLUS section for $5. These would be another great decoration for hanging in front of a table where your spooky drinks are located.

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