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A Day In The Life Of A College Student

The fall semester is ending soon, which means the workload is piling up quickly. The leaves are changing colors and the jackets are coming out. Every day is a different schedule and let’s be realistic as college students it doesn’t always go as planned.

Here is a schedule of my day as a college student and how I get through the week. This is my productive Thursday schedule with no classes.

9:30 A.M- I wake up, get dressed, and make my bed.

10:00 A.M.- I head to the library to work on last-minute schoolwork. I use this time to make sure everything is checked off my list for the week, so I have slim to no homework for the weekend.

NOON- I go to the gym, and do the 12/3/30 challenge on the treadmill and focus on abs and arms.

1:30 P.M.- I grab a Starbucks and head back to my house (Venti iced white mocha with sweet cream and caramel drizzle) .

2:00 P.M.- I clean up the kitchen area with any dirty dishes and relax (maybe a nap).

5:30 P.M.- I make dinner for my roommate and me.

6:30 P.M- I clean up from dinner.

7:00 P.M- I work on any schoolwork & watch TV (currently binge-watching tagged on Netflix).

11:30 P.M.- I get my backpack ready for the next day, charge my laptop, browse my phone, and get ready for bed.

I am a very organized person with my planner and daily to-do lists. Usually, when the week comes to an end most of my work is completed so I can just relax for the time being.

Be sure to check out my Day In The Life Of A College Student TikTok.

Written By: Cat Dumm

Edited By: Makenzie Crawford

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