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Cedar Point

Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce about life before Covid-19. For the past 7 or 8 years I have been going to Cedar Point and have made so many memories there. Sadly, because of Covid-19 I was only able to go 1 time this year and if you know me then you know that’s not my typical summer. On a typical summer I would go every week or every other weekend. And October would have been their HalloWeekend where they transform the whole park into a Halloween lover’s dream. I was really looking forward to going this year, but it got canceled. This got me thinking about Cedar Point and my experience there this summer. My boyfriend had never been to Cedar Point and we couldn’t do everything I wanted him to experience there, but he got to go and experience some of it. We had 1 day this summer to make the best of it.

On July 22nd we embarked on our Cedar Point adventure. We left really early in the morning because it’s a long drive and had to stop on the way to get some Chic-Fil-A. When we arrived at the park, I stuffed my fanny pack with extra masks because I figured a few of the rides would ruin them (this ended up being a good idea because most of them did break). We walked into the park and the line to get in was really short and that is not a norm for Cedar Point. The lines are usually long, so I can’t complain because Covid-19 did cut the lines down a lot. The first ride we went on was the Raptor…and if you’ve been to CP before then you know it’s not exactly a gentle or slow ride. It was a good first-time ride for my boyfriend because from there the rides get faster. He rated this ride a 6/10 because it hurt his neck and he thought he had whip lash. A lot of my favorite rides were closed, but the Valravn was still open and we had to ride it. This was still a longer line to wait in because it’s one of their most popular rides. This is a different experience than your classic coaster because you hang in the air with your body dangling 223 feet in the air and then you’re dropped at a 90-degree angle. He rated this ride a 7/10 because it's different from any coaster he had been on before. From there we rode the Iron Dragon, Magnum XL-200, the Mine Ride, and a few others. Out of all the rides his favorite was the Millennium Force because he almost blacked out on the ride and that made it a 9/10 for him.

I feel like CP handled the pandemic really well and was very strict about distancing and wearing masks. Everything was very clean and it still had most of its classic restaurants opened. If you've never been to CP I recommend it. They have different themes throughout the park and it makes it an even better experience. A few years ago they had a dinosaurs part of the park and they always have their western themed area, lakeside area, and Snoopy/ Peanuts Gang areas.

Leaving CP I was a little disappointed because not all the rides were open, but I still had a great time there and it’s important to still go and do stuff safely. We can’t let Covid-19 keep us inside and stop us from doing the things we love. I encourage everyone to wear a mask, social distance, and to continue to make new memories and have new experiences.

Written and Edited By: Crystal Lord

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