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Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re on a budget. I love gift giving and always want to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family, but factoring in monthly rent, groceries and other payments, I’m on more of a budget this year. It’s a challenge trying to figure out how to accomplish finding great gifts within a certain price range, but luckily, some common stores have just what I'm looking for.

Five Below, Walmart, and Tj-Maxx are three great stores that sell quality products for a reasonable price. I didn't start shopping at Five Below until a few years ago because I always thought it was a kids store, but it actually has some pretty cute home decor, coffee mugs, pajamas, jewelry, etc. I love interior design, so I love looking at all the home decor on the shelves. Everything at Five Below costs $10 or less, at least from what I’ve seen. I bought a small side table for $10 from Five Below. I’ve also bought plants, pillows blankets, and candles all for $5 or less from Five Below. “Squishmallows” are very popular at the moment and can be purchased at Five Below for $5. A wide variety of headphones, bluetooth speakers, and electronic accessories can be found at Five Below for $5. If you’re shopping for a child, there are so many gift ideas for kids. Anything from board games to arts and crafts to basketballs and toy dinosaurs are all sold at Five Below. It really is a great place to shop for Christmas gifts on a budget.

Walmart has really stepped up their product game over the years. I’ve found some cute clothing, nice decor items like pillows, and shoes at Walmart that are offered at a decent price. I was at Walmart the other day and saw a magic bullet on sale for $15. A magic bullet is a great gift for someone who likes smoothies. I was scrolling through Walmart’s online deals and saw wireless earbuds on sale for $14.99. Since Walmart sells everything under the sun, it really does have everything a person needs for gift shopping on a budget.

Last but not least, Tj-Maxx, the tried and true for good deals on name brand products. I love Tj-Maxx. They have so many brand names like Michael Kors, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein all for a sweet price. I love going to Tj-Maxx to look at the handbags, home decor, candles, and beauty products. I’ve bought so many nice designer bags from Tj-Maxx for $20-$40. I’ve also bought nice brand name shirts, including a champion crewneck, for $14.99 rather than the $50 price tag it would be at Champion or a department store. Tj-Maxx is great for cute home decor gifts for mom or grandma. I always see cute knick-knacks and holiday decor on sale for less than $30. When I went to Tj-Maxx the other day, I saw they had two tables with a sign that said “Gifts under $20”. On the tables were a variety of card and board games, tumblers, wine glasses and coffee mugs. Tj-Maxx is my favorite place to go gift shopping every year.

Five Below, Tj-Maxx and Walmart will be my first stop shops for Christmas gifts this year. Even though I’m on a budget, I have no doubt I will still be successful in buying great gifts for my friends and family.

Written By: Abigail Waterman

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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