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Finding a Workout Routine With My Tips and Recommendations!

Working out and taking care of myself is truly one of my passions, and with online school taking up most of my time, it felt like what I love to do was being put on the backburner. Not only did I skip multiple workouts, I was beyond stressed with all my work and not working out only added fuel to that fire. While being online at school, and at home this semester, I have found a routine that works for me and some of my favorite things that have helped me stay on track whether it's a 20 minute workout at home or an hour and a half session at the gym.

My main tip is to not feel like you have to workout but that you want and get to workout. You are able to move your body and take care of yourself everyday. There are countless ways to workout, and remembering that not everyone has to do the same thing in order for it to be considered exercise. Keeping that in your mind is what can really turn your whole thought process around. There are good days and bad days, trust me, I know. However, having a positive mindset and a purpose as to why you are working out can change the whole experience.

Working out is amazing to release endorphins and be able to focus your mind on only you and every movement without any other distractions. This is why having a routine to follow is so important as it provides a clear layout to your week and allows you to fit in what you want to do in an effective manner. I am going to share what I have found works for me and has helped my fitness journey become most successful, but remembering there is always room for growth and improvement.

My workout routine is 5 days of lifting with 2 days of rest, one day being an active rest day. I based this around school and work and came up with the best possible schedule that will allow me to get my days in without feeling like I should be doing other things. I realized that I only have work on weekends, so I am going to take advantage of those days and take two days off during the week when I have school and work to also worry about. The amazing thing about all of this is that everything you want to do is personal preference! You can decide how many days a week and how long you will workout. You can adapt everything to your schedule and make it fit perfectly into your lifestyle because that is what this is; a lifestyle! I also put into these routine days where I will go to the actual gym to complete a workout, and days where I will stay home. This allows even more flexibility and ease going into certain days knowing you do not need to leave your house/apartment/dorm to get some exercise in. Creating a routine regarding working out that fits your schedule and prioritizes you and what you want is so important and I hope you take some of my personal tips into consideration!

Some of my key recommendations to have would be a planner to write down the days you will be doing so you can see them and know for that day. Another favorite of mine would be to find a workout band because you can do so much with these, both at home and at the gym. I would also recommend one or two sets of dumbbells whether you are at home or at school because it makes it that much easier to do a home workout with a set of 10 and 15 pound dumbbells and also creates a bit more of a challenge! A cute outfit also never hurts! I also wouldn’t be afraid to look on Instagram at fitness pages for workout inspiration and asking friends if they want to join along to make the experience that much more enjoyable!

Written By: Halle Musich

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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