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Finding Your Signature Lip Gloss and Oil

By Maya Swanson

I think we can all agree that trends come and go so fast nowadays. One of those trends recently has been the craze of lip glosses and oils. Seeing your favorite influencer have a new favorite lip product every week can become overwhelming, so I found 10 of the most popular glosses on the market today.


It seems Haley Bieber is always on top of or starting new trends. So, her lip product being #1 doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


We have all heard of Chanel, but who knew the brand made lip gloss? 



This one reminds me of lip glosses I had as a child but elevated. This is perfect to bring a little nostalgia into your life.


This one is another fan favorite, as it is all over TikTok. A little on the pricier side, but people can’t seem to get enough of it!


You can always go right with Glossier, which stays true to lip gloss. This comes in three different shades: red, clear, and holographic.


Something from Rihanna has to be good!


Another TikTok fan favorite, rightfully so. This is perfect for your nighttime skin routine, as it hydrates and nourishes throughout the night.


This perfect go-to sheer gloss will leave your lips glossy but not sticky. Coming in four different shades, one must be perfect for you!


The perfect everyday lip gloss that will make your lips look like glass. This product has eight shades making it difficult to choose which one to buy.


Last but certainly not least is Gisou’s lip oil, which comes in shades of Shimmer Glow and Honey Gold. The perfect lip oil for spring and summer that will pair perfectly with your tan!


These are just ten out of hundreds of popular lip glosses and lip oils out there today. I hope this helped narrow your decision when trying to find the perfect gloss for you!

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