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How to Accessorize a Last-Minute St. Patty’s Look

By Jadyn Furge

Every holiday comes and goes so fast, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. So did you get the perfect St. Patty’s Day shirt, or are you scrambling to assemble a look? If you are the latter, you’re in luck. So here’s my advice for accessorizing a last-minute St. Patty’s look!

Pictures were taken by Jadyn Furge.

Go Plain

If you’re running late choosing your outfit, my best advice is to go plain with your clothes and let your accessories do the talking. Wear a simple green, white, or black shirt with jeans or leggings you have ready to start.

Layer Up!

Wearing a turtleneck under a basic shirt is easy to spice up any outfit. However, wearing a green turtleneck under your plain shirt will elevate the look and bring a festive vibe.


St. Patrick’s Day is all about green and gold – utilize these colors in your make-up look! Whether you use a green graphic liner or gold glitter, adding themed make-up is a fun way to incorporate the holiday into your look.

Stickers or Tattoos

If make-up isn’t your thing, you could add stickers or tattoos to your face. These products can be purchased at low prices at Walmart, Five Below, and many other stores. Adding a few shamrocks to your face is a cute, easy way to enter St. Patty’s spirit.

Hair Looks

Like make-up, having green and gold in your hair can add to your look. I have done bubble braids with green rubber bands and pieces of tinsel in my hair. If you want to commit, you could also get wash-out green hair spray!


Accessorizing your outfit with cheap green beads, shamrock headbands, green hats, or a green jacket can add to the look. Although these products may be inexpensive, they can turn a boring outfit into a shamrockin’ outfit!

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