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Mastering DIY Lash Extensions: Your Comprehensive Starter Guide to Perfect Eyelashes with the Kiss Falscara Kit

By Alaina Titchen


In recent years, the trend of DIY lash extensions has gained significant popularity, with various brands introducing products tailored for at-home use, moving away from traditional strip lashes. Influencers have enthusiastically endorsed different at-home kits and products designed for self-application, making it challenging to navigate the plethora of options. If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry—I've explored numerous lash types and adhesives, and I believe the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Extension Kit stands out as an excellent choice, especially for beginners.

Falscara, 2024


Comprehensive and user-friendly, the kit includes lash extensions, the Overnighter Long Wear Sealer, bond & seal, an applicator, and a remover—everything you need for both the application and maintenance of lash extensions. The simplicity of the kit makes it accessible for anyone, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first timer.


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Extension Kit:


1. Curl Your Lashes:

Begin by curling your natural lashes to create a seamless blend with the extensions.


2. Apply Bond Adhesive:

Use a singular layer of bond adhesive on each lash, focusing on the roots for optimal adhesion.


3. Use the Applicator:

With the applicator, carefully place the lash clusters underneath your real lashes, starting from the outer corners and working your way inward. Ensure the clusters are close but not directly on the lash line.


4. Cluster Placement:

Continue placing the clusters, slightly overlapping them for a natural look that enhances your lashes.


5. Seal the Deal:

Apply the seal to eliminate any residual stickiness from the bond, providing a polished finish.


For long-lasting results, use the Overnighter Sealer before bedtime. Kiss' lash glue features a lightweight formula designed to hold for approximately a week. Should you wish to remove the clusters and glue at any time, you can apply the remover to a cotton pad and apply to your lashes.


In conclusion, the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Extension Kit simplifies the DIY lash extension process, making it accessible and enjoyable for beginners. Elevate your lash game with this user-friendly kit that provides a perfect balance of ease and effectiveness.

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