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How I De-Stress

It is week eight of the spring semester, and I am a busy bee. I spend hours a day, sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen. It is a pretty stressful time in my life, to say the least. With preparing to finish my final classes in college and getting ready to be pushed out into the real world, my stress levels are high. Whether you're in school or not, stress impacts all of us - and there is no reason to be ashamed of it! Below are some of the things I do to de-stress myself!

I limit myself to only doing work during the week.

Unless I have something pressing to get done, I try my best to leave all of my work to do during the week. I love to use my weekends to disconnect from my laptop. With school being online, I find this easy to do. I have much more time to finish my work during the week, and it is SO nice to have the weekend off to rest and reset.

I keep a tidy and neat space.

Nothing distracts me more than having my workspace cluttered. I cannot focus unless everything is neat! I have found that organizing my space before beginning to work calms me down and helps me get my work done faster. Plus, I always make sure to light my favorite candle! A nice scent always makes your space much more comforting.

I incorporate some type of exercise into my day.

Whether I do an intense elliptical workout with some weightlifting or just walk on the treadmill, I always feel much better after exercising.

I read before bed.

Although I am not perfect when it comes to this, I try to make it a habit to read before I go to bed. I've come to notice that scrolling on my phone keeps me from falling asleep at night. My current read is The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. It's fast-paced and has short chapters, so if that sounds like the perfect book for you, I'd suggest grabbing it!

I try to keep a routine.

I have noticed when I fall out of my routine, I get stressed. I try my best to keep myself accountable when it comes to having a routine.

Life is crazy sometimes and incorporating little things into your life can take some stress off your shoulders. I encourage you to try one of my tips out or come up with your own de-stress method!

Written By: Miranda Brazinski

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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