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How to Maintain Blonde Hair on a Budget

Like many of us, I decided to change up my hair and dye it over quarantine in May. I have very dark brown hair naturally, and my goal was for a bit of a lighter color. I decided to use box dye and it was to no surprise that my hair became brassy pretty quickly. Once my salon opened, I decided to change things up and got my hair bleached and dyed blonde and I love the way it has turned out! There have been some shampoos/conditioners that I have found to be very helpful in maintaining my hair without having to make extra trips to the salon. 

Purple shampoo is essential after getting your hair dyed to a lighter color, particularly blonde. I ended up purchasing the L’Oreal Everpure Purple Shampoo from Target for just $6.99! Most purple shampoos at salons are sold for no less than $20 and don’t come in very big sizes. I’ve loved using this shampoo because it’s done a great job at neutralizing any brassiness and gives my hair more of a cooler tone. It doesn’t need to stay in your hair for more than 10 minutes, and it’s the only purple shampoo I’ve tried that doesn’t leave any purple stains afterwards. 

Garnier Fructis has always been one of my favorite shampoo/conditioner brands. I’ve been using their color shield shampoo, which helps to protect my hair’s color while the sun is out. Their fortifying conditioner with aloe extract is currently my favorite hair conditioner, it always leaves my hair feeling super soft and healthy! I recommend just going to any drugstore for Garnier Fructis products because you will find the cheapest prices there.

I was also recommended a product by a hair stylist called Keracolor Clenditioner, which is available on amazon for $22. This product is a type of conditioner you can leave in your hair for 10-20 minutes and it will temporarily change your hair color after a wash! When seasons change many of us are tempted to change up our hair again, but this product is a much cheaper option and not completely permanent in case you don’t like the result. I bought the platinum color and it helps lighten my blonde shade. They also have blue, red, silver, rose gold, and many more colors to choose from, so check it out!

Written By: Matt Lyons

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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