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It’s Fall Y’all: A fall bucket list with 11 things to do and try before fall is over

If you are anything like me this season calls for pumpkin spice and everything nice! I am going to go over some fall recipes, drinks, food, and activities you don’t want to miss! First I am going to start with a Starbucks drink I have seen posted all over social media and then Dunkin’ orders I tried this fall! Because we all know there are Starbs and Dunkin’ lovers out there so it’s your choice!

1. Order Fall Food or Drinks


  • Iced chai tea latte with coconut milk and pumpkin cold foam (special order)

  • Iced chai tea latte with coconut milk and pumpkin spice sauce

  • Pumpkin cinnamon iced coffee

Dunkin' Donuts:               

  • Iced Coffee with almond milk, french vanilla, and pumpkin sweetener

  • Iced Coffee with almond milk, hazelnut, and french vanilla sweetener                                      

  • Cinnamon munchkin donuts, apple cider munchkin donuts, and blueberry munchkin donuts.

2. Try a new fall recipe I found an amazing pumpkin recipe and for busy college students this is a very simple, delicious, and low calorie fall dessert to make and share with friends! It is literally two ingredients and you wouldn’t know it from tasting it! 

3. Jam out to a fall themed playlist, crank that baby up

Some recommended fall vibe Spotify playlists that are pre-made, go take a drive on back roads and take in the beauty of fall as the leaves change, so do we!

“fall acoustic-indie and folk songwriters”

“fall feels 2020”

“fall country”

“autumn vibes 2020”

4. Spray some fall perfumes so you smell like a walking Bath & Body Works store

My favorite go to perfumes from Bath & Body Works because it’s fall in a bottle!

Warm Vanilla Sugar,  Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, Into the Night, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

5. Relax with fall essential oils

Some recommended essential oil mixes/scents to make your room or house smell like fall! I use Young Living, but there are many other places to get diffusers and oils from.

My personal favorite of young living fall scents would be cinnamon bark.

6. Go to a corn maze and a pumpkin patch with friends

7. Paint or carve pumpkins

If you are terrible at carving pumpkins like I am paint them  with acrylic paint. 

I looked up Pinterest inspirations simply search “pumpkin painting ideas.”

8. Go to the drive ins (most drive ins are doing fall themed movies!)

9. Affirmations and thanks

Fall reminds me a lot of thanksgiving, make an affirmations list and also write what you are thankful for. Maybe even reach out to an old friend or encourage a stranger. 

Affirmation guides to get you started:                     Thankful Guides:

“I am bold.”                                                                  “For another day.”                         

“I am blessed.”                                                              “For fall’s beauty.”

“I am intelligent.”                                                          “For growth.”

“I am unique.”                                                                “For school and my college.”

“I am loved.”                                                               “For support of friends and family.”

“I will do great things.”                                                “For kind people.”

“Today will be a beautiful day.”                                    “For opportunities.”

“I have wonderful friends and family.”                          “For nature.”

“I am strong.”                                                                 “For my hobby.”

10. Sip on some easy to make fall drinks

Drink apple cider or hot chocolate and bundle up to a Hallmark or fall themed movie!

11. Buy some fall themed clothes and a fedora hat of course!

My fall go to’s are anything leopard or cheetah print, fedora hats, long coats, boots, sweaters, etc!

I recommend searching for fedoras on Amazon!

Written By: Trinity Romesberg

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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