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Laneige Lip Care Review

If you’re anything like me, you can’t leave the house without some kind of lip product; I just don’t feel complete without something on my lips. I love the look of lip gloss, but I hate the sticky texture most lip glosses have. When I discovered the Korean cosmetics brand Laneige, I was so relieved to find a product that solved my problem of sticky gloss.

Laneige is not just a lip care brand, they also offer skincare. However, I have only really tried their lip products. Laneige’s “Lip Glowy Balm” is the BEST lip product I have ever used. This balm offers high shine like a gloss with the smooth texture of chapstick.

The Lip Glowy Balm comes in five colors, Gummy Bear, Berry, Peach, Pear, and Grapefruit. Each color comes with a different tint and smell. I have tried all five colors and my personal favorites are Berry, Pear, and Gummy Bear.

My only critique of the product would be I don’t find the tint in any of the colors to be too strong. I personally find all the shades to look pretty similar when actually applied. However, as someone who usually goes for a natural look, I’m not really looking for a lot of pigment anyway.

Laneige also offers a Lip Sleeping Mask. This mask also comes in five colors, Berry, Gummy Bear, Vanilla, Apple Lime, and Sweet Candy. This mask will truly have you waking up with baby-soft lips. Unlike the Lip Glowy Balm’s however, the sleeping mask does have a sticky texture. Although personally this doesn’t bother me as I’m asleep anyways and can’t feel it.

Lip Glowy Balm’s retail at $17 while the Lip Sleeping Mask is $22. While this might seem a little pricey for lip products, I absolutely believe they are worth every penny. Additionally, these products last a long time, so instead of buying new chapstick every few weeks, invest in a high-quality product that you can have for a while.

Laneige products are sold directly on their website as well as Sephora.

Written By: Maddy Buckley

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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