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Last minute DIY Valentines Gift under $10

Valentine's Day is approaching and if you want a small, cheap, easy, and quick gift idea I got you covered. All you will need for this is the candy of your choice (at least 4 packets), small styrofoam square, fake flowers, hot glue gun or tape, and a small stick balloon (optional). You can find all these materials at your local Dollar Store.

I got this idea off the one and only TikTok. Candy and chocolate have always been a staple for Valentine's Day gifts. So why not incorporate it into a small DIY creative gift for your friend, your parents, or your significant other.

First you need to take your styrofoam square and pick out one of your candy choices. You will either need to hot glue or tape the back side of the candy, then press it onto one of the four sides. Once you are done, repeat to the other three sides so all four sides are covered with your candy choices.

Then you are going to take your fake flowers and stick them into the top of the styrofoam making sure they look full and spread out on the top. Now I added a little heart balloon from the Dollar Store onto mine, but that part is optional.

Then you have your perfect little DIY Valentine's Day gift! A simple and inexpensive way to create a small creative Valentine's Day gift!

Be sure to check out the Tiktok on how I made my gift come to life!

Written By: Cat Dumm

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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