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Lauren Giraldo 12 3 30 Treadmill Workout Truths!

One of the biggest trends on TikTok is the 12 3 30 challenge. If you don’t know what this challenge is it's when you set your treadmill to an incline of 12, at a speed of 3, for 30 minutes. I have seen everyone on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube trying this challenge and losing weight left and right.

I tried this challenge for 14 days to see my results. A ton of people recommend doing it for a month for significant results. But in this 14 day time period I have been able to loose 3 pounds and build my endurance up. But the most important thing was that after my workout I felt like I accomplished something. This might seem like an easy workout but this workout is not easy by any means.

I originally tried this challenge back in February and didn’t have much success, but this time around after watching YouTube videos on it, I changed some things in my process and here is what I did.

1. Try not to hold on: The first couple of days are hard not to hold on. But when I tried this in February I was always holding on and saw no results. By holding on its doing the work for you and you aren’t giving your body the feel of the incline. The incline is what helps you work your muscles.

2. Watch YouTube Videos or TV shows: Walking and staring at the wall can be boring and make you not want to continue. I found watching YouTube videos made me not look at the clock as much and time passed faster.

3. Changes don’t happen overnight: You aren’t going to lose a pound overnight for this. The purpose Lauren Giraldo created this is because she was able to lose 50 pounds, but it was over a year timeline. Don’t overwork yourself and listen to your body.

4. Caloric Deficit: While exercising is great for your body, everyone says its 20% of you working out and 80% of your eating habits is what contributes to your weight loss.

5. Do it for the energy: After completing this I saw a huge change in my energy and motivation. I became more energized in the day and wanted to go back to do more the next day.

After completing 14 days of this challenge I did feel better about myself overall. Even though I didn’t experience major physical changes, I was able to gain mental changes. If you are looking to try this workout routine I would 10/10 recommend.

Written By: Cat Dumm

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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