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LUSH Must Haves

Using clean and ethically made beauty products is something I strive for every day. LUSH is a cosmetics company that uses natural & ethically sourced ingredients, never does animal testing, has environmentally friendly packaging, and makes 100% vegetarian products. On top of that, they are constantly raising money for good causes and supporting social justice movements. They are without a doubt one of my favorite companies. There are a few of their products that have become staples in my beauty routine.

If heaven had a scent, it would be this. The Cup O’ Coffee mask uses ground up coffee beans to give your skin the best exfoliation you could ask for. The caffeine in the mask tightens and brightens your skin for a fresh and glowing complexion. With just three main ingredients, it’s the perfect kick-start before your morning skincare routine.

As someone who has always struggled with acne, the use of a toner has always been a must. So many toners are harsh and don’t help as much as they claim to. The Tea Tree Water Toner delivers. With only five total ingredients it omits all the fragrance and chemicals that ruins other toners. Just a few sprits of this between washing your face and moisturizing helps to clear & tighten your skin, and control oil.

This creamy lotion could send you into a slumber. Its amazing lavender scent is calming, and its pale lilac color is gorgeous. The super thick formula gives you intense moisture and is really good for dry skin in the winter. Nearly every ingredient in the Sleepy body Lotion is natural and the formula is completely vegan.

This beeswax-based lip balm gives your lots of moisture and smells amazing. The tangerine scent gives Lip Service Lip Balm a fresh and happy feeling. The formula is smooth and soft, and its tiny jar lasts you so long. It only has ten ingredients total and comes in a recyclable or reusable tin container.

One of the things LUSH does to raise money for good causes is their Charity Pot. When buying this body lotion, 100% of the purchase price goes to a small grassroots group. Its velvety formula has a mild floral scent and is completely vegan. While the product stays the same over time, the organizations it supports changes periodically, spreading the love to everyone who needs it.

Once you’ve found and finished your favorite products, save the containers! Returning five clean containers that have their recycle symbol on it will get you a free face mask. And for an extra smile, lift up the “Made by” sticker on various products for a secret message!

Written By: Meg Nassif

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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