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My Favorite Activewear Brand

I basically live in activewear, especially now due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Zoom classes. I love to be comfortable yet cute, and that is everything Lululemon has to offer.

My favorite item I own from Lululemon would be the Align Leggings that come in 25” or 28”. They are super comfortable and give you that “barely there” feel. The fabric is buttery soft. They come with a hefty price tag of $98, but Lululemon also offers a lifetime warranty. If any item you own does not perform how it should for you, they will replace it or offer you the same amount of credit for the item. Lululemon also offers hemming and repairs to any item at no extra charge.

I also love reading/seeing things about Lululemon and the large following that they have. I believe that they are proud of the customer loyalty they have created.

Try their items out! You won’t be disappointed.

Written By: Gabrielle Tardivo

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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