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My Photography Journey

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Ask any one of my close friends or family members and they’ll tell you how I’ve always had a passion for photography. Ever since I can remember, I took pictures of everything, from flowers to landscapes and even food. Now however, portraiture is my new favorite.

I follow so many talented photographers on social media, and I knew this was something I wanted to learn more about. With the help of the many resources on the Internet, I began to learn more about the technical side of the art and I slowly became confident in my abilities.

In the summer of 2019, I decided to push myself to actually start shooting. I am so thankful for my best friends who decided to model for me so I could practice doing real shoots. At the time, I thought my first shoot went incredibly well. Not even 7 months later, I look at the photos now and I see many things I would’ve done differently. One of my favorite parts of photography is that you can always improve and learn more.

A few shoots later and my best friend’s little sister asked me to do her senior portraits. Many of these photos are still ones I am proud of. I then kept shooting with my best friends in locations in Pittsburgh and around Butler.

There were also times where I had an idea for a photoshoot but didn’t have a model. I then began to do self-portrait shoots which were definitely a challenge, but super fun.

Once I had a decent portfolio built up, I decided to make a dedicated Instagram account for my photography: @alykasphotos. I began posting photos from my shoots and more people began to see my interest in the hobby. I also created my own website to showcase my portfolio in a more professional way. (

This is a hobby that I hope to continue moving forward and it is definitely something I could see myself doing in the future with more practice and experience. I think fashion/portrait photography is a skill I hope to maintain throughout my professional career.

Written By: Alyssa Kasunich

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