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The Perfect Self-Tanner

I have found in the past few years that one of the newest biggest trends is self-tanning. I used to never self-tan because I thought it was dumb and I was scared I would turn orange. Although, in the past year or so my opinion on this started to change as I saw my friends start to try it out, and I must admit I always liked how I looked a lot better with a tan. Self-tanning can seem a little, well, scary. Of course, you don’t want to go out looking orange, you want to achieve a natural glowy tan and it is very achievable. Although some self-tanning brands can be deceiving. After trying many different brands, I finally found the perfect self-tanner that makes it look like I just got back from a nice week at the shore.

Bondi Sands The Australian Tan is by far my favorite self-tanner that does let me achieve that nice tan look. I find it very easy to use and it even has a nice scent to it. Sometimes I find that other tanners have an odd smell to them, but not this one. I also find this tanner to be very good for sensitive skin. A lot of self-tanners make you break out if you put it on your face, but I have never had any issues with my skin when I use Bondi Sands. I find that this tanner applies best to the skin after exfoliation and even better if you put lotion on beforehand. The tanner will be a little sticky when first applied but if you give it a few hours to develop you will have a nice even golden tan.

I personally use the shade ultra-dark and I find that it matches my skin tone very well. I recommend if you are using the product for the first time to go a shade lighter than you think just to test it out at first. To always obtain a tan I usually self-tan twice a week and when I do this, I find I maintain that nice golden look all week. Even if you don’t want to self-tan regularly, I recommend trying it out for a special occasion and using Bondi Sands. This product is life changing.

Written By: Jocelynn Phillips

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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