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The Rise of Podcasts

By Maya Swanson

Whether it's driving to class, going for a hot girl walk, or working out, podcasts are a great way to keep you entertained. We all know music is popular for these activities, but podcasts are up-and-coming, and a great alternative if you are not in the mood to listen to your favorite music artist. There are many genres of podcasts, so there really is something for everyone from pop culture, comedy, and educational to true crime. I found many of the podcasts I listen to now from YouTubers who have created their own podcasts.

Some of my favorite podcasts at the moment are…

Pretty Basic

Spotify, Pretty Basic, 2023

Pretty Basic, hosted by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, is a lighthearted podcast covering topics from advice to pop culture and everything in between. Pretty Basic is on any platform with podcasts, and they upload every Wednesday.

Unsolicited Advice

Spotify, Unsolicited Advice, 2023

Unsolicited Advice is hosted by Taryne Renee and Ashley Nichole, whose listeners send stories of their lives on areas they need advice. These girls cover light and heavy topics but always leave you laughing. During the month of October, they do a fan-favorite called “October Series” where they read scary stories that their listeners send in.

What We Said

Spotify, What We Said, 2023

What We Said is hosted by two lifelong friends, Chelsey Jade and Jaci Marie. Their similar sense of humor adds to the wide variety of topics they chat about during each episode. Listening to these girls will always make your day better by talking honestly about life, fashion, health, and everything in between.

Wild ‘Til 9

Spotify, Wild ‘Til 9, 2023

Wild ‘Til 9 is hosted by the YouTube DIY queen, Lauren Riihimaki, and her fiancé, Jeremy Lewis. They discuss some wild topics, hence the name, but they always listen well and will lift your mood. They occasionally will have guest speakers who add to the fun!

Hot Mess

Spotify, Hot Mess, 2023

The newest IT Girl, Alix Earle, just released her new podcast with Unwell Network. On her show, she discusses her wild, crazy stories, as she lives a lavish life in Miami. This podcast is more of a storytime podcast, which provides great entertainment.

These are just a few of my favorites. All these podcasts give off different vibes and can satisfy any mood you are in. I listen to many other great podcasts and always discover more. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and find your new favorite podcast!

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