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Top 10 Must-Watch Halloween Movies

By Haley Gilham

If you love staying in, (me too bestie) I will be ranking my top 10 spooky movies for this Halloween season. Whether it is a chill night in with your friends or a movie night with your boo, this list will have a good movie for you. I eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween all year round. So, if you are looking for a cute movie to watch or a movie that will keep you up at night, you have come to the right place!

Honorable Mention: The Blair Witch Project

IMDb, The Blair Witch Project

This 1999 film, directed by Daniel Myrick, is known as a found footage horror film where three film students go into the forest and never make it out. Their goal is to go hiking for three days to search for the urban legend, “The Blair Witch.” After a year of all three students missing, bags of old film are found in the woods. They are developed and chopped together to form The Blair Witch Project. Who knows what happened in the woods?

10) It (2017)

IMDb, It (2017)

The famous killer clown, Pennywise, makes his full-film debut in this classic film. Based on the 1990 miniseries and the classic Stephen King novel, the film is centered on a series of unsolved child abductions and potential murders in 1989. A group of outcasts set out to find the clown while fighting battles on their own.

9) Beetlejuice

IMDb, Beetlejuice

The classic spirit in his pinstripe suit makes a comeback every Halloween. A recently deceased couple is trying to move into their beautiful home until they find out they're dead. As a new family moves in, they ask Beetlejuice to help get them out, but he has more up his sleeve. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

8) The Visit

IMDb, The Visit

Personally, I love this movie. It is a good little thriller for a cute Halloweekend movie night. A girl and her brother want to know the truth about the relationship between their mom and grandparents. While filming their visit, Becca starts to find her grandma doing weird things at night like running into walls and sleepwalking. “Would you get in the oven to clean it?”

7) Scream VI

IMDb, Scream VI

This movie had me all over the place! The 2022-2023 ‘it-girl’ Jenna Ortega stars in Scream VI. The movie follows two daughters of one of the past Ghostface killers, who are just trying to live normally. When a copycat gets found in the city, they must find out who it is. This movie is not as scary as it seems but the PLOT-TWIST - I am still in shock MONTHS later.

6) Coraline

IMDb, Coraline

This may not technically be a Halloween movie, but oh well. Coraline follows a blue-haired girl who just moved to the pink palace. When nuisance Wibey gives her a doll that looks just like her, she goes through a tiny door and on an adventure to save three lost souls that have been trapped in an opposite dimension of the same house. Watch out for your other mother.

5) Trick ’R Treat

IMDb, Trick 'R Treat

On Halloween night in Ohio, five stories collided on the same night. A principal by day killer by night, a mean old man meets the satanic love of his life, college virgins, and high school pranksters. What could go wrong?

4) Halloweentown

IMDb, Halloweentown

This movie has my heart and soul! Teenager Marnie Piper finds out her grandmother is a witch. Not only is her mother a witch but apparently so is she. When Grandma Aggie leaves to go back to Halloweentown, Marnie and her siblings follow her on the bus. When they arrive, they meet the strangest creatures and the evilest one of all.

3) The Conjuring

IMDb, The Conjuring

The Conjuring is personally one of my favorite go-to's for horror movies because there is a variety! 9 movies follow the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple is known for going on haunted expeditions to people's homes to try and get rid of unwanted spirits. Pick one of the nine or watch them all! Either way, you will be scared out of your mind.

2) Hocus Pocus

IMDb, Hocus Pocus

How could I not include this classic? Hocus Pocus is a cult classic Disney movie that follows Max, a teenage boy whose family just moved up to Salem, Massachusetts. On Halloween night, he takes his little sister and high school crush on a quest to light the Black Flame Candle in the Sanderson sisters' cottage, just to wake them from a one-hundred-year nap. Now, the trio must save all the children's souls in Salem.

1) Talk to Me

IMDb, Talk to Me

This movie took the world by storm in 2022. It pulled in $50 million in the U.S. and over $90 million worldwide, and for good reason! A group of friends come across an embalmed hand where they can talk to spirits. The teens get hooked on talking to the dead until one unleashes deadly forces on the group.

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