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3 Ways To Enjoy Time By Yourself

By Meaghan Frank

During stressful exam weeks and hectic personal lives, it's crucial for us students to make time for ourselves and unwind. In addition, the pressure to hang out with friends and fill up every minute with activities can be too much to handle sometimes. While being alone can get boring or too isolated, keeping us balanced, aware, and refocused is vital. Read below my blog on how to enjoy time by yourself this busy spring season.

1.) Reading Enjoyable reading is an activity you can do without frying your brain. Although we read assignments and papers almost daily, there's a difference between a good novel and homework reading! Reading more can make you a better writer, make you more focused, and make creativity more vivid in your brain. So rather than using television as an escape, try reading a book with some comforting ambiance around you. You might like it!

2.) Get crafty! Drawing, painting, or any art can be an excellent outlet for creativity. Listening to music and coloring in a coloring book can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. Or, you could find some of your favorite pictures online, print them out, and create a vision board (like I did here). It's fun, it's personal, and it's easy to compile some inspirational pictures that make you happy. Don't forget to use that creative muscle. You might be surprised by what you come up with!

3.) Self-care

My last tip is self-care. Spending an evening focusing on the well-being of your mind and body will make you feel refreshed. Whether focusing on skincare, meditating, painting your nails, or deep cleaning, there are many ways to care for yourself to feel organized. I pictured here a facemask and stress relief lotions that help me decompress, but you can do whatever makes you happy!

Remember to use time by yourself in the best way you can. With these tips, you may find it easier to enjoy that time and find even more hobbies or interests you didn't know you had! Practice self-love, self-care, and being your own best friend.

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