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5 Ways to Get Motivated As a College Student

By Kasaundra Harvey

Five weeks into the semester, do you feel your motivation going down? We’ve all been there. It’s that time of year when the stress of school/workload is piling up, everyone’s sick of the cold weather, not too much to look forward to, and we all want to look for peace. So here are five simple ways to feel more productive, energized, and yourself again in this transitional time. Although it may be hard to gain that motivation, these five hacks are just simple ways to help you be your best version.

1) Getting Enough Sleep

This is tough for struggling college students, but this might benefit you the most. Sleep is crucial for overworked college students, and not having enough of it can make all stress even more heightened. So, challenge yourself to calm your mind at a decent hour. Not only will this give you more time for rest, but it also helps you feel more energized in the morning. You could develop a morning routine, relaxation, and peace of mind.

2) Journaling

This is a trend that truly makes a person their best self. Journaling gets anyone motivated and helps us stay on track. It can be as big or small as you want, but journaling can significantly relieve stress. Journaling can come in all ways of gratitude, planning, habit trackers, and more. The possibilities are endless.

3) Making Time for Relaxation

Finding time in your busy day to take a moment and stop can be very tough for anyone, but it can feel almost impossible for college students. Although some students cannot think of stopping for one minute, people’s minds must prevent, take a breath, and relieve themselves. This can come in yoga, meditation, or breathing in and out. The choice is yours.

4) Drink More Water

One of the keys to getting motivated can start as simple as drinking more daily water. We will always need water to make us feel good and keep us going, and students can sometimes forget how valuable this hack can be. Drinking more water will keep your energy up, give you health benefits, and make us feel better. Of course, there is no limit to drinking too much water, so get a big water bottle and set those goals!

5) Making Time for Happiness

Last but certainly not least, happiness is essential to feeling motivated. If we didn’t find the time to do what makes us happy, we would never feel good about ourselves and who we want to be. This could be surrounding yourself with friends, and family, watching your favorite show, reading a book, working out, and more. The possibilities are endless, and by following these steps, you can finally be the motivated self you want to be.

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