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Calling all Makeup Junkies

Are you looking for affordable skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrance? Well I have the perfect store for you. Located all over the U.S. and Canada is The Cosmetics company Store. They offer name brand cosmetics for up to 75% off the regular retail price. You’re probably wondering how this is possible with the rise of counterfeit cosmetics but The Cosmetics Company store sells 100% authentic products manufactured by Estee Lauder. Makeup and fragrance is always at least 40% off of the retail price and skincare is always 30% off retail. Every month they add new products to a section called “Last Chance” where you can get products 60 – 75% off.

As a college student it’s really difficult sometimes to find high end makeup on sale, but the cosmetics company store makes this an easy task especially for students attending Slippery Rock University. The Grove City Premium Outlets is just a ten minute drive from campus and The Cosmetics Company Store is conveniently located in the first aisle of the mall.

The Cosmetics Company Store is able to offer some awesome deals because they sell extra inventory for Estee Lauder brands. What does this mean? Extra inventory is a term used to describe warehouse overstock, packaging changes, and even products that may be discontinued.

Some major brands they carry:


If you’re a Slippery Rock student I highly suggest checking The Cosmetics Company store out if you’re looking for some really awesome deals or even if you’re just a makeup junky like me. Look up The Cosmetics Company Store for more information and other store locations. They also have a shop from home collection where you can purchase products over the phone and have them delivered straight to you.

Written By: Anwen Thomas

Edited By: Crystal Lord


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