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Small Business Spotlight: Maxine's Coffee, Cranberry

By Meaghan Frank

Coffee is essential to almost every college student. It's always fun to try new shops that put a little bit of love in every cup of coffee you get. Throughout my voyage around Pittsburgh and surrounding Slippery Rock towns, I’ve been able to find some of the best local businesses serving high-quality coffees. If you’re interested in learning about Maxine’s, a local Cranberry coffee shop not far from campus, read more below!

I visited Maxine’s Coffee last weekend while I was out and about in Cranberry, PA. Only about 30 minutes away, I was pleased to find this coffee shop so delicious and aesthetically pleasing. The outdoor seating draws you in, as well as the smell of fresh coffee falling past the open doors. I ordered a cold brew with hazelnut and almond milk (my go-to), and it did not disappoint! It was made to perfection and tasted great. I made sure to take pictures of every angle of the inside of the shop because there are so many cool things to look at! Sitting inside doing homework makes the experience so much more relaxing, while I can admire the hanging greenery from the ceiling and a clean wooden table to chill at. I definitely recommend coming here!

It's easy to go through the drive-thru of any Dunkin or Starbucks, but if you’re ever looking for something different and equally (if not more) tasty, try a local shop! Maxine’s brought quality, freshness, and happiness to the table that was still quick and friendly. Supporting local businesses around your town can be great for the community. Maxine’s has so much more to offer so you should make a point to go in soon! Whether that be with friends on the weekend, to grab a table and do homework at, or just admire on a “treat yourself” day. You will not regret your time here with a great cup of coffee, chai, cacao, tea, and so much more. I also recommend following their Instagram to see all the new recipes they make this fall season! @maxinescoffeeshop

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