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Top 10 Under 10

If you're a broke college student (like me) or just looking to budget a little better, you probably try to find cheaper alternatives to different products. Although many people think high-end make-up products work best, I gravitate toward drugstore-priced make-up. Often, these products have the same, if not better, quality than their high-end rivals. So here's the list of my top 10 make-up products, $10 and lower.

I have many different high-end highlighters, but I always find myself using this $4.00 one from E.l.f. The shade "Moonlight Pearls" provides a gorgeous glow on the high points of the face or the eyes as an inner corner or lid shade.

I have tried many foundations, and none compared to the Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus. This product, which retails for only $6.89 on the Wet 'n Wild website, is my all-time favorite. Depending on the product's use, you can build a beautiful light, medium, or full coverage. The best feature of this product is its proven photography benefits. This foundation photographs seamlessly, making the skin look flawless without any flashbacks.

Flushed cheeks have been all the rave. To achieve this look, I always use this $7.00 blush in the shade "Turks and Caicos." The product is super buildable, so whether you want a soft flush or super rosy cheeks, this blush is perfect.

The Fit Me Concealer is a product I use every single day. Whether I want a little coverage or am doing a complete glam look, using this concealer is a must. The concealer blends seamlessly, giving a flawless look to the face.

Using a brow gel gives your eyebrows a softer, more natural look. The Colour Pop Brow Gel holds your brows in place all day long.

This $9.50 setting spray is one of the best I have ever used. It truly helps to make your make-up long-lasting and look fresh. No matter how long your make-up is on, it is guaranteed to last when you use this product.

The Brow Definer Pencil acts the same as a high-end product. The pencil itself is skinny, which helps create the perfect brow. On the other end, there is a spoolie brush. The product comes with everything you need to get your desired look.

The Maybelline Lifter Gloss in the shade "Ice" is my all-time favorite lip gloss. It looks gorgeous on its own and on top lipstick or lip liner. In addition, this lip gloss has so much shine without ever being sticky.

The Hydro Grip primer is essential to every make-up look. The formula stays tacky, which makes every product placed on top of it stick. This ensures that your make-up lasts all day and stays looking fresh.

This $10.00 primer does an incredible job of filling in your pores to smooth the appearance of your skin. I have tried high-end pore-filling primers, and none have been worth the cost—the E.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer is another essential to have in your make-up kit.

These products are my go-to's. If you are looking for more inexpensive make-up products, try some of these and save some money!

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